For the most part, we deliver the bottled wines using our own service fleet.. This way, we can deliver to almost all provinces along the motorway routes in Austria every week. Prompt and reliable.

We run the following logistics tours on a regular basis to:
Southern and Eastern Austria:
 - Mon: Vienna area - airport, Wr. Neudorf, Schwechat
 - Tues: Oststeiermark.- Hartberg, southern Burgenland, Thermenland
 - Wed: Graz area-.Leibnitz, Gleisdorf
.....alternatively: Klagenfurt (every fortnight)
 - Thu: Leoben - Knittelfeld
..... alternatively: Klagenfurt (every fortnight)
 - Fri: Vienna to Wr. Neustadt (detail customers)
Northern and Western Austria:
 - Tues: Wieselburg - Steyr
 - Thu and Fri: Steyr - Linz - Wels - Zipf
.......... alternatively: Salzburg - Eastern Tyrol

The western provinces of Tyrol and Vorarlberg are supplied by a partner or by our lorries when shipping sufficiently large quantities.

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