The Region

The wine estate area around Gols on the eastern shore of Lake Neusiedl with over 2,000 hectares represents one of the most important Austrian viticulture regions.

Nestled in the north of Burgenland, in one of the most important centres of the Austrian wine culture, sheltered by both open ground and slopes, as well as ground-level terrain is the Heideboden. The simultaneous depositing of different sediments such as loess, sand or black earth also permits the cultivation of different varieties on the same soil. The famous Pannonian climate furthermore creates the ideal conditions; a climate which, with its mild qualities, lays claim for a significant proportion of the exceptional quality of the Burgenland wines. With 2000 hours of sunshine a year and good air humidity the climate promotes the growth of full-bodied red wines and accented white wines, and through the development of noble rot, the production of sweet wines.

It is thus hardly surprising that nearly half of the members of the Gols community work in the agricultural sector. Also, the wine cultural centre opened in 2003 has long attracted far more than simply Austrian tourists to the romantic wine region. With the sale and tasting of over 350 wines and ongoing cultural events, it has become an integral part of the heritage of Austrian wine culture.

"For us, enjoyment’s right at home, it’s here that Golser wines are made and grown."

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